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At ProQuest, continuous learning and leadership development are fundamental to how we consistently lead, innovate, and grow. We are committed to the constant improvement of our people as well as our processes — and we offer a broad range of tools, programs, and curricula to help employees create and execute development plans.

ProQuest's Talent Management and Development framework includes frequent dialogue, candid feedback, and in-depth reviews among leaders, managers, and employees. This process helps assess performance and identify employees’ current strengths, areas needing improvement, and potential future positions within ProQuest.

ProQuest understands the importance of welcoming new employees to the company, and our PATH onboarding program helps employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to successfully acclimate and be productive within our organization. With an understanding of our vision, mission, and values; how we work; and our customers, products, and markets, new employees are ready to hit the ground running.

Learning and development doesn't end after onboarding. While working with leaders to set annual goals that align with our business goals and core competencies, employees also identify learning and career development opportunities that set the stage for future growth, such as job shadowing or job swapping, relationships with peers and managers, "stretch assignments," classroom learning, and online learning through our learning management system.

In addition, ProQuest's tuition reimbursement program encourages personal development through formal education so employees can maintain and improve job-related skills or enhance their ability to compete for relevant positions within ProQuest.