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20 Nov 2017
ProQuest Expands Resources in Jisc Purchasing Pilot
Delivering important historical primary sources to UK higher education institutions continues into 2018

The Jisc program’s goal is to lower customer cost, leveraging the collective purchasing power of UK Higher Education Institutions (HEI) to enable wider adoption of digital archives.

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ProQuest News

ISNI Assignments Top 6.5 Million

More than 6.5 million assignments of the ISO-certified naming standard International Standard Name Identifier, known as "ISNI", are ensuring the right information gets connected with the right name.

27 Aug 2013 | News Release

ProQuest Tunes Up the Precision of Pivot™ to Make Winning University Research Grants More Efficient

ProQuest's innovative Pivot™ service, a web-based resource that identifies active sources of funding and matches them with researchers in one step, has enhanced its popular "recommender service" to make it easier for users to zero in on the best opportunities and collaborators.

15 Aug 2013 | News Release

ProQuest Names Jonathan Collins CFO

ProQuest has promoted Jonathan Collins to Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. In this role, Mr. Collins, who has been interim CFO since April, oversees all ProQuest’s financial functions, including financial operations, accounting, procurement, facilities, treasury, taxation and investor relations.

14 Aug 2013 | News Release

New Syndetic Solutions™ Video Game Content Makes OPACs More Useful for Gamers

Serving “gamers” at the library just got a little easier as a new addition to ProQuest Syndetic Solutions™ enables these often-loyal users to access rich content on video games right from the library OPAC or discovery layer. Video Game Enriched Content contains game covers, user ratings, the Maturity Standard Rating (such as “Everyone” or “Teen”) and more for 70,000 U.S. titles and nearly 20,000 U.K. titles.

06 Aug 2013 | News Release

ProQuest Appoints Tony Rummans as Vice President Global Sales

ProQuest has appointed Tony Rummans as Vice President Global Sales. In this role, Rummans will be responsible for leading the Global Sales organization, helping to drive the strategic transformation of ProQuest's integrated go-to-market approach. In addition, Mr. Rummans will also serve on the Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience leadership team.

10 Jul 2013 | News Release

American Libraries Highlights Peter Arnett as Keynote Speaker at ProQuest Event

ProQuest hosts customer appreciation breakfast with keynote speaker Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Peter Arnett, who was single-handedly responsible for preserving the entire archive of unpublished stories and service messages written by the AP’s Saigon Bureau, a repository that is now available in ProQuest’s History Vault collection.

01 Jul 2013 | ProQuest in the News

American Libraries Gives the Scoop on ProQuest Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Microfilm

Electronic publisher ProQuest celebrated its 75th anniversary at the 2013 ALA Annual Conference by showcasing the founder of University Microfilms International (UMI), its predecessor company.

30 Jun 2013 | ProQuest in the News

Art and Architecture Research Gets Boost Via ProQuest’s Comprehensive Archive

ProQuest is arming researchers studying the history of art and architecture with a comprehensive digital archive of the magazines considered the most accurate 20th-century chronicles of these disciplines.

28 Jun 2013 | News Release

Rafael Sidi Joins ProQuest

Information industry veteran Rafael Sidi has joined ProQuest as General Manager, ProQuest Information Solutions. In his new role, he will lead strategic development of the company’s content-rich solutions for academic markets globally.

28 Jun 2013 | News Release

ProQuest Expands Resources for Study of Global Data

On the heels of its acclaimed resurrection of the Statistical Abstract of the United States, ProQuest will debut two major data resources in 2013. ProQuest Statistical Abstracts of the World, and ProQuest International DataSets, will be released in early August and September, respectively.

28 Jun 2013 | News Release