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by Devin McGinty, Social Media Specialist

GradShare is here to provide a look back at noteworthy news and information about higher education from this past summer. You may have missed something while you were on your extended vacation to work, and then to the library – and then back to work, because grad school is expensive – but we’re here to give you a quick recap. We even tossed in the month of May for good measure!


-- Several Ph.D. candidates collaborated to create Getting Involved in Policy: An Overworked Graduate Student’s Guide.   

-- Forbes published an article examining the fact that “more than half of college faculty are adjuncts.”

-- Grad school is a challenge, and so are relationships. Kate Hakala talked about the struggle of trying to balance grad school and a healthy life with your significant other.


-- ProQuest awarded the 2015 Roger K. Summit Scholarship to Samuel Dodson, a current MLIS student at the University of British Columbia.    

-- The Council of Graduate Schools released a report about international students and their varying preferences for doctorate and master’s level certificates.

-- The very funny Adam Ruben, Ph.D.  enlightened us with some entertaining Thesis Adviser Horror Stories.


-- Adam kept things fair and balanced, returning a month later to provide us with tales of Grad Students Behaving Badly.

-- Are you tired of the same old thing?  Jeannine Blackwell, Dean in Residence from CGS, wrote an opinion piece about Rethinking the Dissertation.


--There has been a lot of talk around how millennials manage money.  Well, if millennial Joe Mihalic is any indication, they are doing just fine. He paid back $90,000 worth of grad school debt in a single year!

-- As a perfect bookend to the summer (pun intended), ProQuest’s own Sarah Palmer brought us a creative blog about dissertations in the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database that had a similar subject to the books she read over the summer.  


As always, you can also look at the archive of the 25 Most-Accessed ProQuest Dissertations & Theses. Each month ProQuest updates this list across all subjects, based upon total PDF downloads. 

Did you see something you wanted us to include on the GradShare Blog? Feel free to drop us a line via @ProQuestPhD

04 Sep 2015

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