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GradShare is dedicated to sharing information, advice and best practices to help students succeed in graduate school. Now we are calling on you, graduate students, to contribute to the blog, and share valuable information with your peers across the globe.

What are we looking for?

It’s simple; we want experience and insight straight from the source. Share strategies and resources that have contributed to your success in grad school, and blog on any variety of topics, for example:

> Are you an international student that is adapting to living abroad?

> Are you managing a family and trying to finish grad school?

> Can you recommend helpful research tools, or advice about research management?

> Do you have experience writing a thesis, or publishing a dissertation?

Submitting a blog post

The post should be about 500-750 words, and can be submitted to for review. In addition, please provide a short biography to be included with the post.  We’ll proofread the post, send it back for your approval, and then publish it on the GradShare Blog.

Once published, we’ll promote your guest post to thousands of students and researchers via multiple ProQuest social media networks.

We look forward to your submission! 

01 Mar 2016

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