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A partnership for healthy communities

ProQuest actively supports library communities by attending conferences, hosting webinars, recognizing outstanding contributions, and participating in broader community and charitable events in the interest of inspiring passion about librarianship and the community as a whole.

Connect with ProQuest in your region

See ProQuest at the many international, national, regional, and state trade shows and industry association events we attend or sponsor annually, where we enjoy partnering with industry leaders to showcase our dynamic and exciting content.

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Grow your libraries with help from the ProQuest Education Channel

At a critical time for libraries and librarianship, ProQuest provides timely and relevant information to help libraries grow and thrive. Our educational webinars include joint presentations with key industry associations and influencers.

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ProQuest in the Community

ProQuest supports researchers and the communities in which they live and work. Through scholarships, community events, volunteer work, and charitable donations, ProQuest furthers recognition of libraries as important community institutions.

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Scholarships & Awards

ProQuest recognizes individuals who help the library profession grow and evolve in meaningful ways.

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