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About the ProQuest Education Channel

We offer a variety of informational and subscriber webinars about our products & services. Live and recorded sessions are available to meet your scheduling needs. These sessions are complimentary and designed to provide insight into how our services can help you, your library and your users.

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Featured Webinars

Digital Migration Webinars

ProQuest is your partner in building a modern collection and experience that researchers expect. Don’t know where to start with digitization projects, especially dissertations and video? Feeling overwhelmed with the number of projects your library would like to take on for space reclamation?
Sign up now for our special webinar held on May 14th and June 18th.

Key Trends in Social Science Research

ProQuest conducts regular surveys and interviews with our customers to learn more about their needs and how they find information online. Our research into the needs of social science faculty has explored topics including which sources are relied upon for research and the perceived strengths and weaknesses of different starting places for research.
Join us on Tuesday, May 12th for our special webinar where we will be sharing the findings of our most recent research into these areas.

New History Vault Interface

Since its debut in 2011, ProQuest History Vault has grown from three modules in 2011 to 21 in 2014, with six new modules scheduled for 2015. This growth, combined with input from librarians and researchers, has led to the enhanced interface, modeled after the ProQuest platform.
Sign up for an upcoming webinar to learn how the exciting features help to advance research.

Workflow Solutions Webinars

Need insight on the software development cycle? Want to learn more about user satisfaction using Summon or what's new in Pivot?

Sign up today for one of our webinars held in April and May.