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Format: Separate guides for each novel. Free with collection.
Media: 85 105 x 148mm microfiche delivered in envelopes bound within the guides
Sources Covered: Nine

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The Concordances "will finally enable Virginia Woolf scholars to come of take a quantum leap forward."

--Louis A. DeSalvo
Trustee of the Virginia Woolf Society

Acclaimed as one of the greatest innovative novelists of the twentieth century, Virginia Woolf continues to intrigue scholars and researchers alike with her unique prose. Many of her experimental techniques, such as stream of consciousness and interior monologue, have been absorbed into mainstream fiction writing.

Virginia Woolf scholars and researchers will find this reference tool indispensable for textual, image, and character studies of her work. Concordances to the Novels of Virginia Woolf provide an unparalleled resource for the study of her novels.

Editors James M. Haule, Pan American University, and Philip H. Smith, Jr., University of Waterloo, have chosen to analyze the Harcourt Brace Jovanovich edition of each novel. The concordances are produced on computer-generated archival-quality, silver-halide microfiche packaged in complementary hardbound guides.

Each concordance is complete; no words have been omitted. The concordances are presented in the Key Word In Context (KWIC) format and the cited word always appears at the same position on the line. The large-type header strip on each fiche announces the contents, and the last two frames of each fiche offer a contents listing to the fiche. There is also an alphabetical list of cited words and a frequency list in descending order.

The guides contain a select list of the most important variations between the American and popular Hogarth edition, a table of contents, a short introduction on notes and form by the editors, and technical notes on the medium.

Concordances to the following works by Virginia Woolf are now available:


  • The Waves (14 fiche plus printed guide)
  • Between the Acts (6 fiche plus printed guide)
  • To the Lighthouse (7 fiche plus printed guide)
  • The Years (11 fiche plus printed guide)
  • Mrs. Dalloway (7 fiche plus printed guide)
  • Orlando (8 fiche plus printed guide)
  • Night & Day (14 fiche plus printed guide)
  • The Voyage Out (12 fiche plus printed guide)
  • Jacob's Room (6 fiche plus printed guide)

The finding aids and the carefully devised structure of these concordances provide researchers and students with excellent tools to examine the works of Virginia Woolf.

  • Content Type: Separate guides for each novel. Free with collection.
  • MARC Records: Yes

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