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Fast Facts

Format: Full Image
Media: Electronic/Online
Coverage Dates: 2008 - Present
Sources Covered: Nearly 100
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The ProQuest Digital Microfilm™ solution remotely hosts selected local and national microfilmed newspapers for simultaneous online viewing and retrieval. Featuring the microfilm editions of titles such as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post, users can view these and many other local and national titles online and in their original full-image in the library or at any Wi-Fi hotspot. A completely web-based solution, all content in ProQuest Digital Microfilm is accessed much like other remote access resources.

No Microform Equipment Required
The discoverability and usage of the microfilmed newspapers you subscribe to in ProQuest Digital Microfilm will greatly increase. Why? Online access unlocks this valuable full-image content from the confines of a single-user reader and onto the web where all of your users can access it when and wherever needed.

Ownership and Perpetual Electronic Archiving
ProQuest Digital Microfilm subscriptions feature a Perpetual Archive License option.

A Straightforward User Experience
The ProQuest Digital Microfilm online user interface makes microfilmed newspaper content easily accessible so that both the novice and expert researchers can locate their desired content quickly. Simultaneous users can effortlessly navigate by publication, title, date, and page number. As you would expect, photos, graphs, and tables are replicated at the highest possible quality providing cover-to-cover full image content not readily available elsewhere.

  • Straightforward navigation – User-friendly navigation controls for publication title, date, and page allows researchers to quickly hop from page to page.
  • Two viewing windows – The main viewing window shows the selected image, while a bottom viewing window previews what’s coming next on the “reel”.
  • Easy image control - Familiar interface with onscreen controls allow users to quickly  crop, zoom, or rotate images.
  • Print, email, and save – After image adjustment is complete, users can print, email, and save images in PDF format.

  • Content Type: Full Image
  • MARC Records: Yes

Support & Training

ProQuest offers best-in-class customer service, technical support, and training so you can hit the ground running with your ProQuest products and leverage everything they can do.

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