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Key Facts

  • Provides easy, reliable access to full text
  • Let’s librarians customize experience and track usage
  • Integrates with Library systems, ILL, discovery, other services
  • Offers true SaaS benefit; fully hosted and maintained
  • Powered by an authoritative, updated knowledgebase

What's New

Cameron University to Improve Discovery with 360 Link

Cameron University demonstrates a commitment to improve the discovery experience for its users, reduce the regular maintenance needed for their resources, free up time for the library staff to focus on higher return activities.

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American Public University System Provides Students the Best in Discovery

Selection of the Summon® discovery service, 360 Link and Syndetic Solutions™ will help to streamline the research experience to meet the expectations of its students.

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Husson University Library Improves Access to Resources with 360 Link

In pursuit of a solution to increase the number of full-text downloads, Husson University selected the 360 Link OpenURL link resolver to offer their students quick and easy access to full-text resources in their collection.

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Delivers the Most Comprehensive Collection Coverage

Your users have the best opportunity to gain access to content through the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date knowledgebase available. The 360 Link knowledgebase delivers the highest number of links and the most accurate links to ensure users are connected to your valuable resources.

Offers the Easiest and Most Compelling Discovery Experience

You want to make the complexities of research easier for your users. With 360 Link, quickly and easily connect users to full-text content within your library collection and link to extended resources for advanced research.

Makes Content More Discoverable and Accessible

360 Link interoperates with your discovery service and ILS, while integrating with Google Scholar, PubMed, subscription databases and other resources to ensure users get to desired content. Also includes seamless integration with citation management tools and provides custom linking options.

Presents Relevant Results without Bias

360 Link delivers results as you want and as your users want them to render - unbiased and comprehensive. The customization options we provide helps you configure the discovery experience, ensuring resources are prioritized in the manner you want.

Increases Usage of Library Resources and the Number of Library Users

360 Link contributes to your mission of providing users with hassle-free access to the information that they seek during the research process. With superior access to content, users gain confidence that the library is their partner in research.

Enables Users to Improve Information Literacy and Connect with Librarians

360 Link does more than just provide access to full-text. You can increase users’ information literacy-skills, while introducing and linking them to librarian-recommended resources to extend their research abilities. In addition, you can also provide access to obtain help.


A Comprehensive Knowledgebase

The authoritative ProQuest e-resource knowledgebase provides accurate, up-to-date connections and eliminates missing links. Tracking journal holdings in one unified knowledgebase, your users experience a superior linking experience with minimal workload on library staff.

Robust Technology

360 Link is a SaaS service that can be quickly customized, configured and implemented. There is no need to manage backups, worry about maintenance, or update servers. You can also take advantage of constant metadata updates, rapid technology deployment, and easy integration with other services.

Unparalleled Customization

360 Link is highly customizable. You can bring your institution’s branding and navigation into the discovery environment, present linking options, and modify the display, text, and buttons and labels. Those seeking flexibility can use a full-featured API or a 1-Click to Article option.

Superior Access Experience

360 Link enables you to deliver the most relevant user experience and best linking experience for your library and its patrons. Through combination of the knowledgebase, technology used, and customization options users seamlessly access desired content.

Usage Statistics

You can gather and analyze usage statistics to evaluate user behavior between your resources and 360 Link. Reports include click-through metrics and referral reports, which show how many times users are coming from which referral resources.

Community & Support

360 Link has a strong user community. You can join listservs, attend live online training with other users, or participate in a live user group to optimize your discovery experience, share ideas and provide feedback. Accompanying these user-oriented activities is the unlimited training and support provided by ProQuest.

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