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Media: 158 reels of 35mm microfilm
Coverage Dates: 1881-1976
Format: American Association of University Women: Archives, 1831-1976; A Guide to the Microfilm Edition, edited by Barbara A. Sokolosky. Free with collection.

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Now entering its second century, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) is recognized and regarded for its support of research on a variety of important social issues such as:


  • sex discrimination
  • alcoholism
  • child abuse
  • mental health
  • civil rights
  • affirmative action
  • prison reform

And all through its history, the AAUW has played a significant role in the advancement of women's rights, the enrichment of higher education, and the shaping of public policy. The archival records of the organization constitute one of the most complete collections available that provides an in-depth view of women's achievements.

This collection includes correspondence, historical documents, and detailed surveys tracing the progress of the AAUW from inception to 1976. Chronicled are the AAUW's attempt to secure equal opportunities for women in the academic community, their support of legislation for the betterment of society, and efforts to improve education at all levels.

Published from the holdings of the AAUW National Archives in Washington, D.C., this collection is a rich resource for institutions with programs in the areas of women's history, education, minority rights, political science, lobbying, and international relations.

With this collection, students and scholars can now study:


  • the history of women's status in education and work-related fields
  • issues of world consequence covered by the AAUW research reports
  • important social legislation and the part women played in its passage
  • women's accomplishments in education and other fields over the course of the past century

The collection also features the personal papers of Ida H. Hyde (1867-1947), prominent scientist, educator, and AAUW member. Her diaries recount the struggles faced by a career-oriented 19th-century woman. How Hyde overcame the obstacles of unjust treatment, unequal pay, and the unwillingness of her male colleagues to accept her are illustrated in a personal glimpse of a woman ahead of her time.

  • Content Type: American Association of University Women: Archives, 1831-1976; A Guide to the Microfilm Edition, edited by Barbara A. Sokolosky. Free with collection.

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