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Format: Alan Barbour's Screen Facts and Screen Nostalgia Illustrated Collection: A Guide to the Microfiche Collection. Free with collection
Media: 154 105 x 148mm microfiche
Sources Covered: 100 volumes

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Alan Barbour long ago recognized the importance of documenting the movies. Along with his perception of the movie as an artistic force came his appreciation for the peripheral art of advertising it. He acknowledged Hollywood's promotions as masterpieces of graphic design and time capsules of the movie era. Barbour began collecting posters, ads, and magazines about movies and movie stars. Out of his efforts come the Screen Facts and Screen Nostalgia Illustrated Collection.

The 100 volumes in this collection represent a treasure trove of motion picture nostalgia for the serious film scholar and the casual movie buff. Featured in the collection are articles on the stars and films of the '20s, '30s, '40s, and '50s by such writers as William K. Everson, Gene Ringgold, Homer Dickens, and Al Kilgore. Thousands of rare posters, stills, portraits, and newspaper ads are reproduced in fine detail, concentrating on the seldom-covered genres of westerns, serials, and B-films. Also included are issues of Screen Facts, The Serial, and Boy's Cinema, with synopses of films and cast lists.

Originally published in very limited editions--many of which have been out of print for years--most of the Barbour material is unobtainable from any other source and is a valuable addition to any film history collection.

  • Content Type: Alan Barbour's Screen Facts and Screen Nostalgia Illustrated Collection: A Guide to the Microfiche Collection. Free with collection
  • MARC Records: Yes

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