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Media: 14 reels of 35mm microfilm
Format: John Beecher Papers, 1899-1972 Coverage Dates: 1899-1972

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Beecher's contributions as a radical and reformer encompassed more than his compassion as a poet or his power as a journalist. He was a man of actions as well as words, and he put his beliefs into practice helping those underprivileged by generations of neglect and deprivation.

The John Beecher Papers preserves on microfilm his complete papers and works through 1972, and includes not only his creative manuscripts, but also his correspondence, printed materials, speeches, radio scripts about social and political reform, and his testimony before the U.S. Senate on migrant conditions in the United States.

Students of history, political science, literature, journalism, and sociology will find many research opportunities through this collection. For not only was Beecher a gifted writer of poetry and fiction, but his active contributions to society included:


  • eight years as administrator of New Deal programs in the South
  • regional examiner for the original Fair Employment Practice Committee in the South, New York, and New England
  • director of displaced persons camps in Germany after World War II

Researchers can draw parallels between his esoteric and sociopolitical accomplishments, as well as gain unique perspectives on FDR's New Deal and other government programs to which Beecher contributed.

Students of journalism will find especially interesting those papers relating to Beecher's writings in newspapers including the New York Post and the San Francisco Chronicle, and notable periodicals such as The Nation, The New Republic, and Harpers.

  • Content Type: John Beecher Papers, 1899-1972

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