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Format: 3-volume guide and 1-volume guide and Contents Lists. Free with collection.
Media: 470 reels of 35mm microfilm

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Atlanta University's Trevor-Arnett Library is one of the world's leading centers for African and African-American research materials. It also houses the famous Slaughter Collection, from which the large majority of material in this collection is taken.

Selected from the tens of thousands of titles available in Atlanta, this microfilm collection is designed to provide colleges and universities with a comprehensive core library of approximately 6,000 titles documenting the past three centuries of the black experience in America and Europe.

Included in the collection are books, pamphlets, speeches, photographs, dissertations, and other valuable papers on many topics. The titles within each section have been arranged by subject to facilitate access. The collection is divided into the following three distinct sections:


  • United States--information on slavery in the northern and southern states; black education; black music, literature, and poetry; and the proceedings of the NAACP
  • South America and the West Indies--including literature and folklore; slavery in South America and the West Indies; and the Tuttle Collection of pamphlets on the British Commonwealth and the West Indies
  • Slavery in History--slave trade records and memoirs; House of Commons evidence for the abolition of slavery; and information on slavery in Britain and France

A 3-volume guide covers the “United States” section, and a 1-volume guide covers the “South America & the West Indies”/”Slavery in History” sections.

Students, scholars, and historians will find this collection to be a valuable tool to better understand and appreciate the complex history of African-American culture throughout the world.


Individual reels may be purchased from this collection.

  • Content Type: 3-volume guide and 1-volume guide and Contents Lists. Free with collection.
  • MARC Records: Yes

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