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Format: The Index to Black Newspapers
Media: 35mm microfilm
Coverage Dates: 1800+

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Black newspapers have been documenting the lives, concerns, and viewpoints of their readers since the 1800s. This day-by-day, event-by-event record of the African-American experience is brought together in a unique microfilm collection.

Available from the Newspapers in Microform program (NIM), Black newspaper titles contain most of America's foremost black publications. These newspapers provide students and researchers with opportunities to study regional differences, variations in reporting styles, the evolution of black identity as depicted in the press, and the unique viewpoints of a major segment of our population.

The editorial viewpoints range from the conservative to the near-radical, and the newspapers in this program represent the most respected voices in African-American journalism.

Previously available as a UMI Research Collection, these newspapers are now offered as separate titles through the Newspapers in Microfilm program. Titles formerly included in the Black Newspapers Collection are listed below, along with their NIM catalog number.

Previous Core Collection Titles:

  • Amsterdam News (New York, NY), catalog #61022
  • Atlanta World (GA),  catalog #61958
  • Baltimore Afro American (MD), catalog #61021 
  • Call & Post (Cleveland, OH), catalog #61023 
  • Los Angeles Sentinel (CA), catalog #61971
  • Michigan Chronicle (Detroit, MI), catalog #61024
  • Muslim Journal (Chicago, IL), catalog #61025
  • New Journal & Guide (Norfolk, VA), catalog #66777
  • St. Louis Argus (MO), catalog #64210

Previous Supplement I Titles:

  • Birmingham World (AL), catalog #61996
  • Forward Times (Houston, TX), catalog #66618 
  • Louisville Defender (KY), catalog #63474 
  • New Crusader (Chicago, IL), catalog #62570 
  • Philadelphia Tribune (PA), catalog #66022 

Previous Supplement II Titles:

  • Gary Crusader (IN), catalog #62788 
  • Indiana Herald (IN), catalog #62845 
  • Kansas City Call (MO), catalog #64179
  • Milwaukee Courier (WI), catalog #67580 
  • Post Tribune (Dallas, TX), catalog #66591 

The Index to Black Newspapers, 1977+ (Catalog #60657) Beginning with 1977, the newspapers in the core collection have been indexed for convenient access. The index provides comprehensive indexing and complete citation information for each entry. Subject terms, personal names, corporate names, organization names, product names, and geographical headings are all treated as subject headings for entries and appear alphabetically in bold type.

  • Content Type: The Index to Black Newspapers

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