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Media: Microfiche and Microfilm - See Product Description
Coverage Dates: 1801-1977

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It contains over 800,000 pages of statistical serials originally scattered throughout Parliamentary and non-Parliamentary publications some dating back to the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Microfilm 362 reels and 1,766 microfiche

Individual volumes available separately

Agricultural Statistics. United Kingdom 1867-1975
Microfilm 9 reels

Criminal Statistics, England and Wales. Statistics Relating to Crime and Criminal Proceedings 1926-1977
129 microfiche

Criminal Statistics, Scotland. Statistics Relating to Police Apprehensions and Criminal Proceedings 1938-1977
35 microfiche

Annual Report of the Registrar General 1839-1920
Microfilm 18 reels

Registrar General's Statistical Review of England and Wales 1921-1973
Microfilm 20 reels

Population Projections (National Figures) OPCS Series PP2 1970-1977
14 microfiche

Statistics of Education 1961-1976
138 microfiche


Education Statistics for the United Kingdom 1967-1975
16 microfiche

Annual Statistical Survey of the Electronics Industry 1969; 1970; 1972-1974
7 microfiche

The Empire and Foreign Countries
Statistics Abstract for the Principal and Other Foreign Countries in Each Year 1860/72-1901/12
Microfilm 5 reels

Statistical Abstract for the British Empire in Each Year 1903-1913
Microfilm 2 reels

Digest of U.K. Energy Statistics 1948/49-1977
73 microfiche

United Kingdom Balance of Payments 1946/47-1967/77
45 microfiche

Report of the Commissioners of H.M. Customs and Excise 1857-1978
1940-1944 not published
Microfilm 7 reels

Finance Accounts of Great Britain for the Year Ended 5th January . . . 1801-1817
Microfilm 2 reels

Finance Accounts of Ireland for the Year Ended 5th January 1801-1817
Microfilm 1 reel

Finance Accounts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for the Financial Year Ended 31st March . . . 1818- 1966
Microfilm 9 reels

Report of the Commissioners of H.M. Inland Revenue on the Inland Revenue 1857-1977
Microfilm 8 reels

National Debt. Return 1888-1967/68
Microfilm 3 reels

National Income and Expenditure 1938/45-1967/77
48 microfiche

Foreign Aid
British Aid Statistics 1966-1973/77
16 microfiche

Foreign Trade
Accounts Relating to Trade and Navigation 1847/48-1964
Microfilm 125 reels

Annual Statement of the Overseas Trade of the United Kingdom 1853-1975
January-June, October-December 1940 and 1941-1943 not published
Microfilm 95 reels

Overseas Trade Accounts of the United Kingdom 1965-1969
240 microfiche

Overseas Trade Statistics of the United Kingdom 1970-1977
576 microfiche

Statistics of Trade through U.K. Ports 1976 and 1977
8 microfiche

Annual Abstract of Statistics 1928-1977
191 microfiche

Health and Public Welfare
Scottish Health Statistics 1958-1977
77 microfiche

Report of an Enquiry into Household Expenditure in 1953- 1954
4 microfiche

Family Expenditure Survey 1957/59-1977
31 microfiche

Northern Ireland Family Expenditure Survey 1971-1977
7 microfiche

Health and Personal Social Services Statistics for England and Wales. With Summary Tables for Great Britain 1969- 1972
8 microfiche

Health and Personal Social Services Statistics for England. With Summary Tables for Great Britain 1973-1977
13 microfiche

Health and Personal Social Services Statistics for Wales 1974-1977
8 microfiche


Social Trends 1970-1977
23 microfiche

The Report on the Census of Production 1907-1967, including The Import Duties Enquiry 1935
Microfilm 13 reels

British Labour Statistics: Historical Abstract 1886-1968
5 microfiche

British Labour Statistics: Yearbook 1969-1976
36 microfiche

World Mineral Statistics 1882-1966, including Annual General Reports Upon the Mineral Industry of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 1894-1896
Microfilm 13 reels

Health and Safety, Mines and Quarries 1851-1965
1852, 1853, 1919 and 1920 not published
Microfilm 20 reels

National Coal Board Report and Accounts 1946-1964/65
Microfilm 3 reels

Science and Technology
Statistics of Science and Technology
6 microfiche

Transport Statistics. Great Britain 1964/74-1967/77
12 microfiche

Returns of the Capital, Traffic, Receipts and Working Expenditure of the Railway Companies of Great Britain 1848-1938
1914-1918 not published
Microfilm 6 reels

General Report in Regard to the Share and Loan Capital, the Traffic in Passengers and Goods, and the Working Expenditure of the Railway Companies of the U.K. 1871- 1901
Microfilm 1 reel

Government Control of Railways; Estimate of the Pooled Revenue, Receipts and Expenses and Resultant Net Revenue 1939/40-1947
British Transport Commission: Annual Report, Statement of Accounts and Statistics for the Year Ended 31st December . . . 1948-1962
Microfilm 2 reels

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