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Media: 5 reels of 35mm microfilm
Format:Each reel begins with a contents page. Series I--16 Scrapbooks. Series II--14 Scrapbooks.

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In a handwritten letter, the British Winston Churchill once suggested that this American novelist and politician sign himself, "Winston Churchill, American" to avoid confusion. Famous in his own right, the American Churchill served in the New Hampshire legislature, played a prominent role in the Progressive Movement, and wrote best-selling novels on historical, political, and religious themes.

Now students of American literature, history, and political science can use the papers of Churchill through this microfilm collection. Conveniently divided into two series, it reflects the separate yet interrelated aspects of Churchill's career in the political arena and the literary world.

Series I: Churchill's Literary Career The 16 literary scrapbooks in this series present, in chronological order, articles and newspaper reviews relating to eight of Churchill's novels.

Hundreds of articles from major newspapers and journals in this collection document Churchill's widespread influence and provide a perspective on some of his novels, such as The Crossing (1904), Coniston (1906) and Mr. Crewe's Career (1908), both of which resulted from Churchill's involvement with the Progressive Movement, and his religious novels, such as A Modern Chronicle (1910).

Series II: Political Activities Included in this series' 14 scrapbooks are records of Churchill's political career in New Hampshire and elsewhere from 1902-12. Researchers in American history and political science will use articles on the Progressive Movement and turn-of-the-century New England politics to gather information about such things as the bitter conflict between Theodore Roosevelt and Howard Taft, which split the ranks of the Progressives.

Studies comparing Churchill's literary themes with the realities of his political philosophy can be accomplished across disciplines with this unique collection.

VOLUME EQUIVALENT: Series I--16 Scrapbooks. Series II--14 Scrapbooks.

  • Content Type: Each reel begins with a contents page. Series I--16 Scrapbooks. Series II--14 Scrapbooks.

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