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Format: Civil War, 1861-1865, The Bibliographic Guide to the Microfiche Collection, edited by Michael J. Matochik. Free with collection.
Media: 2,000 105 x 148mm microfiche
Coverage Dates: 1861-1865
Sources Covered: Call for more information

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In reality, there were two Civil Wars. One was the five-year-long battle of armies. The other was a generation-long battle of words that fueled the division between North and South. Pamphlets--an inexpensive medium for expressing opinion--became the battleground in that war of words.

Now students and scholars can access this vital pamphlet literature to enrich their study of American history in the areas of politics, military affairs, religion, diplomacy, and economics. Pamphlets on the Civil War contains 1,758 important and representative titles that allow an insider's view of the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that eventually erupted into armed conflict.

Here--in their own words--are the contemporary opinions of government officials, military leaders, businessmen, clergymen, journalists, and others engaged in the Civil War's battle of ideals and ambitions.

These primary source titles date from 1850s through the early 20th century. They provide a complete picture of the issues and attitudes that led to war--and that war's impact on American history. The collection is arranged in 28 subject categories, such as:


  • Anti-South Literature and Fiction
  • Lincoln and the Presidency
  • Economics and War
  • Soldiers' Life
  • Conscription
  • Foreign Opinion
  • Peace Movements

Within these and the other 20 categories, researchers will find biographies, campaign literature, government documents, journals, maps, presidential addresses, sermons, speeches, and a multitude of other written opinions disseminated through the pamphlet literature during this period.

These materials will supplement holdings in virtually every area of American history: politics, military history, social sciences, religion, economics, and state and local history. The program was assembled from the Civil War pamphlets collection at The State Historical Society of Wisconsin, a major repository of manuscript and printed materials on American history.

  • Content Type: Civil War, 1861-1865, The Bibliographic Guide to the Microfiche Collection, edited by Michael J. Matochik. Free with collection.

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