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Format: Printed finding lists
Media: 312 fiche & 10 reels of 35mm
Coverage Dates: 1936-1989

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This is a fascinating and unique collection of material by one of the world’s most eminent international press correspondents and writers on Africa.  The complete collection comprises Colin Legum’s own writings as well as material relating to South Africa from the 1930s to the 1980s, to Pan-Africanism and Regionalism, and to the African Liberation Movement.

  • Documents, Papers and Memoranda on the Growth of the Pan-African Movement since the 1950s*

A wealth of newspaper cuttings, extracts from journals, pamphlets and typescript material on Pan-African leaders and personalities; Pan-African themes; political and economic issues relating to Pan-Africanism, conferences and summits.

Includes printed Guide; From the personal library of Colin Legum

44 fiche

  • South Africa: The Early Years of Apartheid, South African Press Digests, 1949 – 1972*

This collection is a veritable goldmine of information since it summarises all the principal developments and speeches of the first 24 years of apartheid, the formative years of one of the world's most infamous experiments to achieve ethnic separation and, indeed, an attempt at "ethnic cleansing" of the so called "white cities."         

Includes printed Guide; From the personal library of Colin Legum    
South Africa   

140 fiche

  • Press Cuttings Volumes of Africa, Colin Legum, 1936 – 1987*

17 volumes of cuttings of reports and articles by Colin Legum appearing in the world press, arranged chronologically.

Includes printed Guide; From the personal library of Colin Legum

10 reels 35mm

  • Third World Reports, 1982 – 1995*

Around the time he resigned from the London Observer, Colin Legum began to write a weekly newsletter (fortnightly from 1994).  His aim was to continue to provide the kind of background reporting he had performed while on the Observer, but looking at international affairs from the perspective of the Third World rather than the other way round, as is more usual.

Includes printed Guide

53 fiche

  • Writing's from the 1940s-1980s, Colin Legum*

9 box files of broadcast talks, journal articles, speeches, extracts from books, etc.

Includes printed Guide; From the personal library of Colin Legum

40 fiche

  • Resolutions of the Annual Summits of the Organisation of African Unity and Other Documents since 1963*

Printed and typescript material, together with numerous newspaper cuttings and journal articles.

Includes printed Guide; From the personal library of Colin Legum

35 fiche

Note: this collection may require additional delivery time.

  • Content Type: Printed finding lists

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