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Country Life

Fast Facts

Twentieth-century UK publication chronicling affairs of interest to the upper class
Significant coverage of art history and architecture
Full archival run from 1897-2005
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A comprehensive archive (1897 to 2005) of the weekly British culture and lifestyle magazine, Country Life Archive focuses on fine art and architecture, the great country houses, society news, and rural living. Beyond this, Country Life Archive chronicles affairs of interest to the United Kingdom’s upper classes across the whole of the twentieth century.

This British popular magazine serves as an important record of the changing ownership of the United Kingdom’s great houses, sometimes serving as the only source for restoration of early 20th-century structures. With significant coverage of not only art and art history, but also pursuits relevant to its audience, such as equestrian news, landscaping, hunting, and shooting, this archive illustrates a unique and rich piece of  UK history and culture. Every page is fully searchable, and reproduced in full color and high resolution.

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UK Records

Provides an important record of 20th century UK society, art and architecture.

Upper Class Interests

Covering affairs of interest to the upper classes across the entire 20th century.

Historical Resource

Major resource for historians of Architecture, Landscape, Class and Society, Art and Art History, Rural Life.

Visual Impact

Highly visual – students, researchers and practitioners can draw inspiration and enhance research with high-resolution images.

Explore Cultural studies

Social and economic historians as well as those exploring cultural studies will benefit from issues full of 20th century society, advertisements and features illustrating changing tastes and social mores.

Rare Records

Image rich issues provide historical record of buildings’ interior design – often the only surviving record.

Valued Archives

Archives are valued by researchers and historians for guidance on important architecture and art topics, such as restoration, collection, provenance research, etc.

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