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Delivers a wealth of scholarly resources and rich metadata
Provides seamless exploratory discovery through data-driven services
Offers an intuitive user experience

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Ex Libris Primo® provides a fast, comprehensive, and personalized discovery solution with the intuitive user experience library patrons have come to expect. A single search interface provides a gateway to a wealth of scholarly content, including print, electronic and digital collections. Primo’s sophisticated search and relevancy ranking algorithm ensures the most relevant results, based on the context of the search and the user’s profile.

And with flexible customization and configuration, integrated library workflows, and rich analytics capabilities, Primo helps libraries increase the impact of their collections and demonstrate their value to decision-makers across academia.

A strong and active community of over 2,300 institutions around the world use Ex Libris Primo to provide superior library discovery and deliver new services. The result is greater institutional value, satisfied students and staff, and reduced operational costs.

Comprehensive Relevancy Ranking

Delivers the most relevant results by relying on metadata from multiple sources, broad collection coverage, and sophisticated search algorithms.

Next Generation User Experience

Provides patrons with a fresh and intuitive user interface across devices, seamless patron services, and personalized discovery.

A Wealth of Content

Offers numerous academic and scholarly resources, leveraging broad content coverage, deep expertise, and extensive metadata.

Exploratory Discovery

Enables serendipitous discovery through data-driven services, including automated article recommendations, citation trails for each article, topic exploration, virtual browse, and more.

Discovery in Context

Expands discovery to research, teaching and learning domains and enables users to search through multiple entry points by integrating with research tools, institutional reading list solutions, and other services.

Library Empowerment

Librarians can customize Primo ranking and classification options and even UI functionality to highlight expertise and services, maximize materials exposure, and guide patrons, thus enhancing the role of modern librarianship.


Provides seamless workflows through integration with a variety of library resource management systems and research, teaching, and learning tools.

Content Neutrality

Offers proven content neutrality, with separate platforms for content and discovery, grouping of records, and library-defined delivery.

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