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Media: 93 105 x 148 mm microfiche
Coverage Dates: 20th century

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William Faulkner is recognized as one of the greatest American writers of the twentieth century. A brilliant literary technician, Faulkner was master of a rhetorical, highly symbolic style. In his novels, he created a complex social structure within which he explored the burden of the southern past, the inability of southern aristocracy to meet the demands of modern life, the relations between blacks and whites, and the alienation and loneliness that so beset twentieth-century society. In so doing, he drew an immense gallery of vivid and unforgettable characters.

Researchers and scholars studying the works of William Faulkner now have a reference tool for textual, image, and character studies of his work. Concordances to the Works of William Faulkner provides this unparalleled resource.

These computer-generated concordances were prepared under the auspices of the Faulkner Concordance Advisory Board, with the support of a grant from the Faculty Development and Research Fund of the United States Military Academy and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Additional scholarly cooperation and financial support were provided by the University of Southern Mississippi.

Faulkner concordance entries consist as nearly as possible of complete sentences, clauses, or phrases -- grammatical "sense units" that give the best contextual reading of words within the single-line sequence. Their numbers correspond as nearly as possible to their actual line location on the page of the novel. No words have been omitted. A statistical summary is included, along with a histogram of word length and frequency and an alphabetical and frequency listing of vocabulary.

Concordances to the following works by William Faulkner are now available on microfiche:


  • Absalom, Absalom!
  • A Fable
  • As I Lay Dying
  • Go Down, Moses
  • Intruder in the Dust
  • Light in August
  • Requiem for a Nun
  • The Sound and the Fury
  • The Wild Palms
  • Pylon

These concordances are carefully structured to provide easy access to this Nobel Prize winner's works.

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