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Media: 5 reels of 35mm microfilm
Format: Each reel begins with a contents page
Coverage Dates: 1929-1969

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This unique collection presents the entire issuance of the respected catalog published by the rare book shop, Goodspeed's of Boston. In addition to the conventional catalog listings from 1929 to 1969, The Month at Goodspeed's offers descriptions of objects, histories, and other important information on the books, prints, and autographs that found their way to this shop.

Librarians, bibliographers, collectors, and literary researchers will find an entire history on rare books in the middle decades of the 20th century. Literary scholars and collectors can locate information on the whereabouts and conditions of certain rare editions and prints at particular points in time, as well as trace differences in the literary tastes and economics of this period.

These catalogs are richly illustrated with samples of prints, paintings, maps, and books. Entertaining comments and anecdotes make The Month at Goodspeed's as charming as it is authoritative. For example, early issues discussed the effects of the Great Depression on the rare book trade:


Apropos of the stock market crash--if so delicate a subject may be broached in levity--may we whisper a tardy but apt reminder that you can play the rare-book-and-print game without fear of being sold out for collateral. Your dividend of pleasure in fine things is supplemented by the knowledge that you have made a sound investment; not subject to the manipulation of bulls and bears.

Levity aside, these old catalogs indicate the Depression's adverse effect on rare book prices, and collectors may wish to compare this period with prices in recent volumes of American Book-Prices Current.

The Month at Goodspeed's was written and edited by Norman Dodge of Goodspeed's with the guidance of a staff of experts in the fields of prints, paintings, autographs, rare books, first editions, and historical Americana. After 40 years as an American institution, publication ceased due to Dodge's uncertain health, leaving behind a unique literary legacy.

  • Content Type: Each reel begins with a contents page.

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