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Harpers Bazaar Archive

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America’s first fashion magazine
Complete run digitized from 1867 forward
Full page image format

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The Harper’s Bazaar Archive includes the complete run of U.S. Harper’s Bazaar, from 1867 to the present, fully indexed and searchable. This full color collection of approximately 350,000 pages provides a powerful lens into American and international popular culture from the mid-19th century forward, facilitating academic research in wide-ranging fields such as: women’s studies, fashion, marketing, advertising, material culture, design, and more. A chronicle of some of the most influential work from world-renowned designers, models, photographers, stylists, and illustrators of the mid-nineteenth century forward, The Harper’s Bazaar Archive captures this record of popular culture, facilitating searching, digital humanities projects, and multidisciplinary inquiries.

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Full Archive of U.S. Harper's Bazaar Magazine

Full archive of U.S. Harper’s Bazaar magazine, digitized to preservation standard. Provides high quality access to rare and comprehensive data; supports broad research in a range of disciplines, from gender studies, to material culture studies, to fashion industry research.

Every Item Captured

Every item is captured, including advertisements, photo shoots, covers and other visual material. Instead of having to locate library holdings, and browse through unindexed back issues, users can conduct powerful searches to find relevant images and articles in seconds.

Research Across a Long Trajectory

Nearly 150 years of company and brand name information facilitates brand research across a long trajectory.

Access to Famous Photographers

Access to works by famous photographers such as Man Ray, Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, and Robert Frank. Users can explore works by leading photographers over time.

View images as They Were Originally Presented

Images are all presented in the context of the original magazine issue. Researchers can view images as they were originally presented, providing them with all the visual context they need to interpret the image.

Including every page of every issue of the U.S. edition of Harper’s Bazaar magazine from 1867 to the present, ProQuest’s Harper’s Bazaar Archive puts nearly 150 years’ worth of primary source material into the hands of the researcher. Digitally available in its entirety for the first time, this large corpora of primary source material unlocks material culture, popular culture, design, fashion, and art from the mid-19th century forward. Supporting inquiries into brand identity and history, body image, gender studies, advertising, material culture, social mores, marketing to women, and more, this highly visual and fully searchable resource creates entirely new opportunities for research and discovery.

Researchers interested in analyzing complete archives of magazines over time are challenged to find complete runs of these historic periodicals. Even if they can find them, the cost of travel to such collections and restricted access are significant barriers to research. By bringing this collection together digitally for the first time, ProQuest creates an accessible, comprehensive digital resource for new research and knowledge creation. The Harper’s Bazaar Archive will unify the entire run (nearly a century-and-a-half) of the U.S. Harper’s Bazaar, creating a comprehensive and accessible digital primary resource for the study of material culture, art, fashion, design, gender studies, marketing and brand history, and more.

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