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Format: Index of Alumni in the Harvard College Reports ISBN 0 89887 078 X
Media: 1,088 microfiche
Coverage Dates: 1833-1975
Sources Covered: 520+

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The personal statements of 100,000 individuals who, more than any other group, shaped American society in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

`Their own words reveal their thoughts and tell what they did and why they did it.'
Harley P. Holden, Curator, Harvard University Archives

Since 1833 Harvard alumni have been invited to provide professional and personal information about themselves every few years. This material was then compiled into Class Reports. This microfiche collection contains 520 such reports, albums, memorials, rolls and memoirs documenting the careers of thousands of prominent Americans. One of the largest and most important biographical archives ever published, the Harvard Class Reports provide cultural historians, social scientists, biographers, genealogists and community studies specialists with an extremely valuable resource.

  • Content Type: Index of Alumni in the Harvard College Reports ISBN 0 89887 078 X

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