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Format: Government & Official Publications
Media: Microfiche - See Product Description
Coverage Dates: 1901-1974/75

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Chadwyck-Healey's microfiche editions of twentieth- century Parliamentary Papers now offer uninterrupted coverage up to the present day. A CD-Rom index is in preparation.

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, 1901-1921
17,944 microfiche

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, 1922-1944/1945
5,962 microfiche

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, 1945/1946-1960/1961
5,806 microfiche

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, 1961/1962-1974/1975
6,686 microfiche

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers 1975/1976 -

`I would recommend this collection to any library which maintains, or is considering the acquisition of a current set of Parliamentary Papers . . . The quality of the filming is excellent, with good contrast and sharp images . . . Having the Parliamentary Papers in microformat is going to help us realize considerable savings, building costs and storage space.'
Suzanne Dodson, University of British Columbia Library, Microform Review

The microfiche edition of current Parliamentary Papers includes Command Papers, House of Commons Papers and Bills. It is published monthly, two months in arrears of the full size edition and is accompanied by a free Monthly Index, on CD-ROM and COM, specially compiled by professional indexers with an intimate knowledge of the daily business of the House of Commons.

Hansard Parliamentary Debates - House of Commons and House of Lords
The final, edited version in bound volumes of the official Report of Parliamentary Debates for both Lords and Commons.

Available for every Session from 1984/1985


Journal of the House of Commons
The Journal is published annually and is the official record of the proceedings of the House during a parliamentary session.

Available for every session from 1982/1983


House of Lords Parliamentary Papers
The House of Lords Parliamentary Papers, 1984/1985- 1986/1987 in a single sequence, and 1987/1988- in two series, Bills and Papers.

  • Content Type: Government & Official Publications

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