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Format: Full image
Media: 475 silver halide microfiche
Coverage Dates: 17th-20th centuries
Sources Covered: 126

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Novels, tracts on being a good wife, regulations governing the education of girls, and memoirs written by women at the royal courts are just a few of the sources that make Les Femmes a unique collection.

These rare works are essential for women's studies researchers or anyone exploring French history. Topics covered include the intellectual pursuits of women, fantasies of the ideal woman, and the role of women in the French Revolution.

The legal position that women in France held is revealed through documents describing property rights, the regulation of prostitution, women in prison, and the widow under canon law. A few works address women in other societies, and their roles under socialism.

Les Femmes also includes Casanova's memoirs and the story of Don Juan. The novels in the collection recount women's childhoods and marriages as well as their hopes and fears. For a complete list of titles in this collection, please click here.

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