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Format: silver halide
Media: 20 reels of microfilm
Coverage Dates: 1759-1948

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Source documents on the spread of Christianity on the early American frontier.

The forces that influenced the early days of the new Republic and what became the United States of America were more than political, social, and economic. Even as major historical events unfolded, various religious groups were affecting the fiber and structure of the new nation through settlement missions on the frontier. The Missionary Society of Connecticut Papers offers a remarkable collection of records documenting the influence of one of these religious groups. More than a record of baptisms, marriages, and conversions, this collection provides researchers in sociology, history, politics, and religion with unique narratives sent by the missionaries themselves to the Society. These valuable first-person writings might be termed "an open letter to historians," as they reveal the daily lives of the settlers in conjunction with the missionaries' ministry among them. Reading through the reports of the Society's more than 300 missionaries, it is clear that these circuit riders not only projected the word of God, but also promoted the stability of civil government within the new settlements. The collection also features the Society‘s printed materials, and two major Society journals, The Connecticut Evangelical Magazine (1800-1807) and The Connecticut Evangelical Magazine and Religious Intelligencer (1808-1815).

  • Content Type: silver halide

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