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Chicago's Newberry Library is known the world over for its rare materials in the humanities. The originals, valuable and in many cases irreplaceable, are non-circulating.




BIOGRAPHIE UNIVERSELLE BY MICHAUD (1843-1865) Written in French, this carefully edited biographical dictionary lists prominent personalities of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, with emphasis on those living in continental Europe. Contains 84 volumes in alphabetical order.  

FORMAT: 21 reels of 35mm microfilm


COVENT GARDEN PROMPT BOOKS (1710-1824) An exciting collection of over 30 plays, annotated by prompters of the Covent Garden performances. Included are Sheridan, Goldsmith, and "The Beggar's Opera" by Pepusch and Gay.

FORMAT: 3 reels of 35mm microfilm


EARLY ENGLISH COURTESY BOOKS (1571-1773) Literature ranging from salacious to sanctimonious, from dialogue to sermon, deals primarily with morals and deportment of both men and women. An interesting approach to changing social mores in England at that time reflecting the contemporary literary style.

FORMAT: 19 reels of 35mm microfilm


 FRENCH POLITICAL PAMPHLETS (1560-1653) Conflicting ideas on religious and constitutional issues during the period of religious wars and absolute monarchy. Written in French. Also valuable to students of Tudor and Stuart England, where parallel debates occurred.

FORMAT: 28 reels of 35mm microfilm


NOUVELLE BIOGRAPHIE GENERALE (1853-1866) Considered a rival to Biographie Universelle during this period, this biographical dictionary was designed to be more concise and more comprehensive than the former. It included names of lesser known persons as well as prominent individuals. Contains 46 volumes in alphabetical order.

FORMAT: 9 reels of 35mm microfilm



SIEBMACHER ARMORIAL COLLECTION Registered coats of arms and names of families spanning eight centuries, compiled by Johann Siebmacher, in German. The collection provides a description of life and the achievements of individuals during medieval times.

FORMAT: 18 reels of 35mm microfilm




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