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Workflow tools and services specifically designed to save time, money and resources for pharmacovigilance departments.

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How can you ensure that your drug safety department works efficiently as possible to meet regulatory requirements and prevent patient harm? It’s not easy, but it is possible. Pi2 products from ProQuest have helped many top pharmaceutical companies improve their drug safety workflow processes.

Who is Pi2?

Pi2 was founded in 2002 to address the information and literature management needs of pharma companies. Acquired by ProQuest in 2014, Pi2 and ProQuest Dialog have created an integrated solution for pharmacovigilance.

What does the name Pi2 mean?

Pi2 is pronounced “pi squared,” and stands for “product information for the pharmaceutical industry.” The “squared” refers to “power” – empowering our customers to access the information they need to be successful.

Feed Biomedical Content Into Pi2 Drug Safety Triager™

Build a simple, end-to-end reference review process for ICSRs, safety signals, PSURs, DSURs and other aggregate reports – eliminating inefficient processes, saving hundreds of hours, and ensuring compliance. Works with all major biomedical search platforms, including ProQuest Dialog.

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Store Your Critical Information In PinPoint™

A bibliographic reference database that lets you focus on concepts in the literature important to your company’s own products. The only biomedical database in the industry that combines custom indexing, data creation, and search. Works with all major biomedical search platforms, including ProQuest Dialog.

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Outsource Your Literature Review To Our Experts

Spend less time reviewing irrelevant articles and duplicate references, enjoy better management oversight of performance, and stay audit-ready. Pi2‘s experts provide high-quality review at a lower cost than internal teams can.

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“We have never experienced a more competent, more flexible or more responsive vendor than Pi2.”
– Director of Global Information Services, large European pharma company

“Compared to what we had before, [Drug Safety Triager] is like going from a horse-drawn carriage to a space rocket.”
– Head of Literature Screening, top 10 pharma company

“We never before had [drug safety software] which worked from the first day with no errors and delivered the promised results.”
– Manager of Drug Safety Systems, top 50 pharma company

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