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Media: 4,679 titles on 13,047 microfiche
Format: Guide: Plant Taxonomic Literature. Bibliographic Guide 1989 177pp. 297x210mm clothbound ISBN 0 85964 217 8

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A core collection of 4,679 important, and often rare, reference works in plant taxonomy, selected by James A. Mears from Stafleu and Cowan's Taxonomic Literature (second edition), available by phytogeographic regions.

Up to now the microfiche collection, Plant Taxonomic Literature, has only been available in its entirety. Now libraries have the opportunity to acquire just those titles relevant to their own regions.

The selection of titles in the microfiche collection was originally made possible by publication of the second edition of Stafleu and Cowan's Taxonomic Literature. Using this new edition, Dr James Mears, an authority on taxonomic literature and documentation, produced a master list of the basic, non-journal publications in plant taxonomy. The titles were then evaluated as to usefulness, rarity and region of geographic relevance. Works useful for tropical studies were given a high priority rating.

Dr Mears has now classified the titles in the collection into phytogeographic divisions and subdivisions so that it is possible to purchase the key works dealing with the plants of one or more regions only. The titles included are those botanists concerned with plant terminology most often have difficulty locating. This is particularly valuable in a field such as plant taxonomy where verification of original references is essential both for maintaining a stable terminology and for communicating effectively through the languages of the scientific world.

Few libraries hold more than a small proportion of the titles offered in Plant Taxonomic Literature. Their republication on microfiche makes available a collection that could no longer be built up from original works.

Complete collection

4,679 titles on 13,047 microfiche

Available by phytogeographic regions as follows:
-Latin America
-North America
Indian sub-continent
Continental Asia and Japan
Europe and the Near East
-British Isles
-North Europe
-Middle Europe
-Eastern Europe
-Italy and the Mediterranean
-Europe - general
-Near East
Medical Botany
A printed handlist of titles is supplied with orders for individual regions.

Guide: Plant Taxonomic Literature. Bibliographic Guide
1989 177pp. 297x210mm clothbound
ISBN 0 85964 217 8

  • Content Type: Guide: Plant Taxonomic Literature. Bibliographic Guide 1989 177pp. 297x210mm clothbound ISBN 0 85964 217 8
  • MARC Records: Yes

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