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Media: 3,472 microfiche
Format: Full image
Coverage Dates: 1848-1972
Sources Covered: 29 titles

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This collection includes Russian pre-revolutionary and post-revolutionary journals for women. The pre-revolutionary journals largely covered fashion, housekeeping, handiwork, and literature. Their audience consisted of women from the Russian upper classes, who used the journal as a source for news on the latest fashions, as well as a source for poetry or housekeeping tips. These journals often contained sections in French, the language spoken among the Russian nobility.

The post-revolutionary journals were geared more towards the working woman and her role in the new socialist society. The collection contains liberal and conservative titles, as well as the journals from wartime.

Please click here for a listing of titles included in Russian Women's Serials.

One of the serials featured in this collection is Rabotnitsa, a monthly magazine for women and families, published since 1914 in Moscow. Published as a journal for "female workers and the wives of workers," this journal was very didactic in nature. It celebrated women at the workplace as heroes of socialism. The articles ranged from stories on working-class families and childcare to short stories and poetry excerpts.

Although Russian Women's Serials includes Rabotnitsa for periods prior to 1972, backfile (from 1973) and standing order subscriptions are also available from UMI. In recent years (80's and 90's), the magazine has been read in Russia, countries of the former Soviet Union, and abroad. Each 92-page issue is richly illustrated.

Main sections of the magazine include: Family, Our Children, Psychological Help, Women's World, and Your Man. Recently, articles devoted to mysticism and parapsychology have been very popular. In each issue there is a section devoted to poetry, as well as a section with stories about artists with pictures of their works. There is also an illustrated section devoted to children, as well as a section about rock music for teenagers called "Beat-Street." The magazine is filled with recipes, sewing and knitting advice, etc.

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