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Media: 105 x 148mm microfiche
Format: Comprehensive guide free with each unit.

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William Shakespeare and his world continue to fascinate scholars, and this collection includes representative titles from almost every area of study.

Materials have been selected by leading scholars in the field and approved by Editorial Advisory Board as well as by the General Academic Editor, Dr. Susan Brock of the Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, U.K. Professor Philip Brockbank of the Shakespeare Institute served as General Academic Advisor to the Shakespeariana project until his death in 1989. Stanley Wells, Director of the Shakespeare Institute, now serves as General Academic Advisor.

These materials were filmed from such key centers as the Birmingham Reference Library and the Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Titles include

  • "Shakespeare's Life: Fact and Fictions"--Editor: S. Schoenbaum, University of Maryland
  • "Shakespeare's Editors from Rowe to Alexander"--Editor: S. Wells, Shakespeare Institute
  • "Printing and the Book Trade in Shakespeare's Time"--Editor: Dr. A. Yamada, Meisei University, Tokyo
  • "Shakespeare's Language: Dictionaries, Rhetoric, Essays, and Critical Theory"--Editor: M. Trousdale, University of Maryland
  • "Prose Fiction of Shakespeare's Time"--Editor: Dr. C. Whitworth, University of Birmingham
  • "Masques and Emblems"--Editor: S. Orgel, Stanford University
  • "Theatre and Its Players in Shakespeare's Time"--Editor: A. Gurr, University of Reading
  • "Shakespeare: Adaptations and Acting Versions, 1660-1980"--Editor: M. Dobson, Harvard University
  • "Science and Medicine in Shakespeare's Time"--Editor: Dr. G. Roberts, University of Exeter
  • "Folklore, Superstition and Witchcraft in Shakespeare's Time"--Editors: Dr. G. Roberts and Dr. P. Corbin, University of Exeter
  • "Shakespeare: Bibliographies and Periodicals"--Editors: J.P. Brockbank and Dr. S. Brock, Shakespeare Institute

  • Content Type: Comprehensive guide free with each unit.
  • MARC Records: Yes

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