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Media: 7763 microfiche
Format: silver halide
Coverage Dates: 1200-1900

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Each section available separately:

  • 21 Greatest Treasures: Ancient Slavic Manuscripts of the Moscow State University Library, 1200-1550

    This collection contains 21 ancient manuscripts from the 1200‘s to the early 1500‘s, which are among the most important in all of Russia. Many of the manuscripts are well known, but none has been previously available on microfiche. Mostly religious in nature, these manuscripts include such items as Gospels, Books of Psalms and Euchologia.
  • Bessarabskaia kollektsiia
  • Kaluzhskaia kollektsiia
  • Karel’skaia kollektsia
  • Kirillicheskaia pechat
  • Kurskaia kollektsiia
  • Nizhegorodskaia kollektsiia
  • Permsko-Udmurtskaia kollektsiia
  • Rukopisi Verkhokam’ia (Manuscripts of Upper Kamah, 15th-20th Centuries), 1401-2000

    These manuscripts are representative of the culture of the Russian people who first settled the area of Upper Kamah in the 16th century and whose migrations greatly increased in the 17th century. These people, mainly Old Believers, were fleeing church reforms and were looking for a place where they were able to continue observing their rituals and traditions. A part of the Old Believers population were forbidden to use books written after the Nikonian Reform. Thus they used manuscripts instead, until the 20th century. These manuscripts, although mostly religious in nature, are also reflective of the lives and ideas of the Old Believers. Includes printed catalog Rukopisi Verkhokam’ia free with collection

  • Rzhevskaia kollektsiia
  • Serpukhovskaia kollektsia
  • Vetkovsko Starodubskoe sobranie
  • Vitebskaia kollektsiia
  • Zalesskaia kollektsiia

  • Content Type: silver halide

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