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Media: 46 reels of 35mm microfilm
Format:Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Stevens Family Papers, edited by Miriam V. Studly, Charles F. Cummings, and Thaddeus J. Krom. Free with collection.
Coverage Dates: 1664-1959

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In any list of families that have contributed significantly to America's growth, the Stevenses of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania rank at the top. For almost three centuries, dating back to colonial days, this family has distinguished itself as one of America's most inventive families. Individual family members have actively contributed to military, political, economic, and social life in the United States.

This microfilm collection is truly unique in that it presents in one primary source an unbroken record of documents that spans the entire history of our country. Students and researchers in American history and culture will find a wealth of material for both general and specific studies into America's past. Included in the collection are more than 40,000 pages of manuscripts, letters, notes, drafts, bills, deeds, broadsides, copies of official documents, maps, diagrams, photographs, and genealogical notes on other prominent families.

The Stevens family distinguished itself through the many inventions its members produced, as well as through the founding of the world-famous Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. Most notable of these technological advances were the steamboat (before Fulton), the double-ended steam ferryboat, the first American ironclad warship, and the railroad tie, spike, and rail, still used as the universal railroad bed today. These papers are rich in detail about the family's inventions from concept to completion and provide valuable insight into the rapid development of science and technology in America.

Also featured in this collection are the papers of the Hoboken Land and Improvement Company, a family corporation in New Jersey that was an integral part of Stevens family business and a repository of important details on business dealings throughout the centuries.

As a personal record of six generations of Americans, the Stevens Papers provide valuable insights into American life and history since pre-Revolutionary days. They reflect the interests, activities, attitudes, struggles, and contributions of men and women who were part of America's growth and development. The collection was filmed from the New Jersey Historical Society in Newark, New Jersey.

  • Content Type: Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Stevens Family Papers, edited by Miriam V. Studly, Charles F. Cummings, and Thaddeus J. Krom. Free with collection.
  • MARC Records: Yes

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