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One of the few women writers in the United States to win critical acclaim and literary respect in her time, Genevieve Taggard established her career with the success of her first book of poetry, For Eager Lovers (1922). George Sterling of the San Francisco Call hailed Taggard as "stepping level-headed into the shining company of Edna Millay, Elinor Wylie, and Sara Teasdale."

Researchers in poetry, women's studies, and literature will find in this microform collection all the published volumes of this noted American woman of letters, plus her poems, essays, stories, reviews, and articles as they appeared in literary journals of the day.

Those who recognize Taggard as a fine poet may not be aware of her skills and contributions as an anthologist and biographer. Perhaps one of Taggard's finest works, included in this collection, is her biography of Emily Dickinson, acclaimed by the New York Herald Tribune as: "A miracle of deliverance...for once Emily Dickinson has escaped her kin and met her kind. [Dickinson] has been patiently, understandingly, beautifully interpreted by a mind fitted to cope with her own."

In Continent's End, a collection of works by California poets, the scholar will find important new poets of the 1920s and gain insight into Taggard's skill as an anthologist and an understanding of changing literary trends.

Both undergraduate and graduate students of American literature discover ample research opportunities in this collection to explore:


  • comparisons of the first printed version of Taggard's work with later editions and analyses of her revisions
  • the development of themes or techniques through her entire body of writings
  • comparisons with other contemporary poets such as Edna St. Vincent Millay
  • Taggard's liberal political allegiances as evidenced in the pages of May Days

Women's studies researchers consider this collection one of many essential resources documenting and preserving the important papers of women contributors to American literary thought.

  • Content Type: An introductory essay followed by a list of Taggard's books and a complete checklist of first appearances of her other writings appears on the first reel.
  • MARC Records: Yes

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