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Media: 537 105 x 148mm microfiche

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Campaigning for public office is at best a gamble. Savvy politicians, therefore, use any and all resources at their disposal that give facts and figures to help them make vital campaign decisions.

A unique, historical record of two almanacs used by politicians in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries is available through this microfiche collection. The Whig Almanac and The Daily News Almanac are two of the most factual political almanacs ever published in America, and they provide important information not available in any other single reference source.

Students of American political, economic, and social history can now couple this information with other historical data on elections in the United States during these periods to analyze the manner in which different political candidates used the same information to structure campaigns and platforms.

The Whig Almanac, published by the New York Tribune, and the Daily News Almanac, published by the Chicago Daily News provide a factual framework on a broad range of topics, such as:

  • political constituencies--data on birth dates, marriages and divorces, religious demographics, crime, and education
  • election returns--information from around the country divided by state, county, and local districts
  • economic indicators--such information as stock market prices, wholesale commodity prices, banking statistics, and import/export figures
  • travel information--flying times, railroad mileages, and postal rates

These statistics also provide researchers with valuable information on the changing demographic makeup in different areas of the country at any given point in time. The collection provides an important research aid, especially when coupled with other political, economic, and social historical resources.

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