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120 105 x 148mm Microfiche
Contents guide, free with collection.

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This compact microfiche collection of 117 pamphlets provides a definitive reflection of the women's rights movement from its infancy to the advent of the Women's Suffrage Amendment. It contains a special selection of core titles to provide a general women's studies base collection.

The pamphlets included cover such subjects as:

  • the industrial and political independence of women
  • women and war
  • improving the education of women
  • the wage-earning woman and the state
  • militant methods for achieving women's rights
  • property laws and women

Also contained in the collection are the proceedings of the National Women's Rights Convention of 1850, as well as the proceedings and speeches from other significant women's conferences during this century.

Students and researchers will find the informed, often volatile opinions and feelings of such notable women's rights advocates as Jane Addams, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Charles Anthony, Gerrit Smith, John Stuart Mill, and Charles Beard.

The collection was filmed from Cornell University's Olin Library Collection of Women's Rights Pamphlets and includes a contents guide, which provides access by pamphlet title, author, and organization.

  • Content Type: Contents guide. Free with collection.
  • MARC Records: Yes

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