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Documents tabled before Parliament that record an agencies’ activities. ProQuest offers a variety of government documents and publications in microform format. A variety of microforms are available: fiche, 16 mm or 35mm film.

The following is a more complete breakdown of Annual Reports and Sessional Papers available from the Government Documents collection:

  • Departmental Annual Reports: historical collection of departmental annual reports provides information on activities, statistics and special reports. (Only English editions of the reports have been filmed.) From 1975, departmental annual reports appear in Microlog and are indexed in the Canadian Research Index. Individual department reports are available.
  • Government Annual Reports & Budgets: ProQuest films federal and provincial Departmental Annual Reports; Budgets & Estimates; Departmental Reports submitted to legislatures as Budgets and Estimates; extensive coverage for Federal Agencies, Commissions, Research Councils and Institutes. Our files go back to the 1800’s and are as current as the reports covering last year. In many cases, we have the complete files for Federal Departments. Contact ProQuest to locate the jurisdiction, department and year(s) needed.
  • Published Sessional Papers: papers ordered to be printed and distributed for public use.
  • Unpublished Sessional Papers: papers filed with Parliament but not distributed for public use. Micromedia is the only source for Unpublished Sessional Papers. The only source for Question Period’s written responses; answers to contentious and informational questions asked in the House or Senate and tabled for later response by the Minister.

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