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Format: Silver hailde microfiche
Media: 162 microfiche

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François-Noel Babeuf's tactical strategies, formulated during the French Revolution, provided a model for the left-wing movements of the 19th century. His movement was one of the first to recognize the social rather than the purely political significance of the Revolution. This collection contains 82 of the most important writings of Babeuf, his followers and his co-conspirators, including official documents published during Babeuf's trial. The collection is comprised of five sections, including Babeuf's publications, 1789-1795; publications of the "Conspiracy of Equals"; official documents published during the Vêndome trial of 1798; works published by the "Equals" conspirators during the trial; and early historical studies of Babouvism. Edited by Albert Soboul.

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  • Content Type: silver halide microfiche

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