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Format: silver halide
Media: 1695 microfiche
Coverage Dates: 1800-1899

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Volume I, 1800-1899
Volume l of this collection, edited by Michelle Perrot, contains a vast amount of documentation on the economic and social conditions of working-class life in 19th century France. A special effort has been made to include varying viewpoints. While there are a number of ideological works in the collection, priority has been given to statistical and factual studies. These include official government reports and the private works of physicians, economists, statesmen and men of letters. A book by Michelle Perrot, Enquètes sur la Condition Ouvrière du XIXème Siècle, accompanies the microfiche and includes full indexes to the collection, with descriptive text. Representative authors include Rene Villerme, Edouard Ducpetiaux, Armand Audiganne, Anthimc Corbon, and even Napoleon III.

Volume II, 1800-1899
Volume II (edited by Gloria Kirchheimer), also emphasizes the 19th century, but expands the period to include the 16th through 20th centuries. Some of the subjects covered in this collection include a 16th century strike, leisure time, unemployment insurance, the duties of servants, the right to work and occupational diseases. Women‘s issues, such as abortion and the law and women and socialism, are also covered, as are child labor and apprenticeships.

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  • Content Type: silver halide

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