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The missing piece to an historic event
Both numbered and unnumbered orders
Most comprehensive collection anywhere

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Crucial to understanding many policy, process, and legal issues, Executive Orders are the formal means by which the President of the United States executes a wide range of actions related to the Federal Government’s internal operations and organization, as well as foreign and domestic policies. The challenge for librarians and researchers is that many historic executive orders, especially those prior to 1935, are unnumbered, difficult to identify and locate online or elsewhere, and not easily searchable with congressional or other executive branch content.

  • Content Type: Government & Official Publications, Executive Orders and Proclamations
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The “Missing Piece”

When searched in conjunction with other ProQuest Congressional content, this collection can provide the “missing piece” for many historic events and offer insight into the role of executive orders in the U.S. legal system.

Complete Collection

Only ProQuest makes available a complete collection of numbered and unnumbered Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations 1789-present, including those that are published in the Federal Register and cumulated annually in Title 3 of the Code of Federal Regulations plus many, many others

For Legal Researchers and Academic Researchers

Ideal for legal researchers and main library academic researchers interested in U.S. History, Presidential Powers, Public Lands, Military History, Native American Studies, Administrations of Specific Presidents, the New Deal, Foreign Relations, and more.

From Key Archives, Government Offices, and Libraries

This authoritative collection was created on a document-by-document basis from key archives, government offices, and libraries in consultation with archivists and librarians.

Intuitive, Easy, and Compelling

Offer an intuitive, easy, and compelling starting point for library research and increase usage of your library resources.

Easily and Quickly Locate Specific Orders

Allows researchers to easily and quickly locate specific orders by Presidential Administration, subject, agency, and/or document number. Fully searchable PDFs.

Rich Metadata

Editorial value-add creates rich metadata, including annotations and harmonized subject indexing. Also includes date; Administration; official series numbers; Federal Register citation; personal names; organizations; geographic locations; special indexing for orders concerning public lands; Federal agency names; links to earlier and subsequent affected orders and related orders, and more.

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