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Format: silver halide
Media: 525 microfiche
Coverage Dates: 1949-1975

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A valuable collection of documents from the first three decades of Communist rule in China.

The collection is divided into five sections:

  • Cultural Revolution - Red Guard Translations
  • Enactments of Party and Government
  • Research and Analysis Reports
  • Bibliography/Research and Leadership Information
  • Provincial/Municipal Data


The subject indexes which appear at the end of the two printed volumes may perhaps be considered the most valuable parts of the collection. The subject index of the Red Guard Translation Section indexes names of people, places, and organizations brought up in Red Guard publications as well as added subjects for the items listed. The other subject index is a combined index for the other four sections of the collection. Many of the source materials in this collection of documents are of limited distribution and almost all of them are from widely scattered materials over which there has been little bibliographic control. Thus, under existing library procedures and operations and, in particular, due to the problem well-known to China researchers created by the inadequate indexing of JPRS, SCMM and SCMP materials, these valuable materials have been difficult to locate, acquire, collate and control. Now, however, these materials have been assembled and organized into a methodical and systematic framework, which has greatly enhanced their accessibility and convenience for research purposes.

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  • Content Type: silver halide

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