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Align with Common Core standards
New intuitive Reader
Unparalleled ebook experience 
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Since the beginning of ebooks, ebrary and EBL have partnered with libraries, publishers, and partners to develop innovative offerings that help them meet their goals. As we’ve pioneered new models -- ebrary with subscription and EBL with DDA and Non-Linear™ Lending -- we’ve developed expertise in the user experience as well.

By joining forces under ProQuest, we now offer an unparalleled ebook experience with the widest content offering, most innovative models, and end-to-end workflow solutions.

APA Makes Hundreds of Current Ebooks Available for Individual Purchase through ebrary®

Libraries around the world can now acquire the essential psychology and behavioral and social sciences titles researchers need, under flexible models that meet their budget requirements.

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ProQuest Debuts
New Ebook Reader

The ebrary Reader delivers a modern experience, with a simple interface, intuitive navigation and user-centered design. The reader represents the best-in-class user experience being developed for the integrated platform that will unite ProQuest’s businesses ebrary and Ebook Library (EBL).

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Career tech complete

EBL's New LibCentral

EBL’s all-new LibCentral administrative and acquisitions model includes both granular-level settings and a highly flexible infrastructure that supports quick evolution to emerging ebook models and growing collections. It will become the base of the librarian tools in the combined EBL and ebrary platform.

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“E” Offers the Biggest Bang for Your Book

Affordably meet growing end-user demand and optimize your book budget by going digital. Ebooks can modernize your collection while supporting your space reclamation projects.  Usage data proves the value of your collection and helps you make informed acquisition decisions.

It’s All About Your Workflow, Not Ours

ebrary and EBL help you stay on budget, on goal, and on time throughout every stage of your existing workflow, from the selection process through discovery and real-time usage reports.

We Know it Takes Teamwork to Win the Game

Ebook teamwork

An effective workflow solution requires all elements to work together seamlessly.  That’s why we continue to partner with not only other ProQuest products and services like Summon, but also with other vendors such as YBP, Coutts, and OCLC that are integral to achieving your goals.

Our Collection is the Most Comprehensive and Robust

ebrary and EBL offer the broadest selection of ebooks that align with all of your general education, vocational, and technical programs. We currently provide over half a million ebooks from over 600 top publishers encompassing over 1,200 imprints including titles from the largest number of university presses.

We Offer the Most Diverse and Flexible Acquisition Models

Subscription models

We work with libraries and consortia to develop budget-friendly custom solutions. Our models include subscription as well as Demand-driven Acquisition, Perpetual Archive (including Non-Linear™ Lending), and Short-term Loans.

Our Platform is Built for Research

Our platforms, which we are integrating for an unparalleled user experience, are designed specifically for collaborative research. We deliver authoritative information and research tools to users at their point of need, from all devices.

We Provide Real-Time Data for Better Decision Making

Our usage statistics and Patron Analytics provide detailed unique data on ebook usage and your patrons. We are also integrating with Intota™ Assessment for deeper insight into both your print and digital collections.


Subscription:  Highly Affordable, Unlimited Access

Subscriptions are an affordable way to offer coverage of all subject areas with College Complete™ and Academic Complete™ or single subjects like Nursing, Computers, Career Development, and HR. All ebrary subscriptions offer unlimited access and continued growth at no extra cost.

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Demand-Driven Acquisition and Short-Term Loans

EBL’s Demand-driven Acquisition and ebrary’s Patron Driven Acquisition models enable libraries to open the floodgates to vast numbers of titles of their choice, while only having to purchase those that are used. Both include the option of including flexible Short-term Loans.

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Perpetual Archive: Flexible Purchasing

Available with unlimited-user, three-user and single-user licenses, this model enables libraries to buy individual titles as well as discounted packs. EBL’s Non-Linear™ Lending and ebrary’s Extended Access™ allow libraries to reduce upfront costs and prevent turnaways.

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Short-Term Loans:  Affordable Access, No Commitment

Both ebrary and EBL offer flexible options for Short-term Loans, which may be used as an additional layer of mediation before titles are triggered for purchase under our Demand-driven Acquisition and Patron Driven Acquisition programs.

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World-Renowned Publishers

ebrary continues to partner with the world’s leading educational publishers such as ALA Editions, ASCD, Classroom Complete and National Science Teacher Association.

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Book Vendors and Resellers

We partner with book vendors such as Baker and Taylor, YBP and Coutts, enabling libraries to acquire titles using their existing print and digital workflow. Our resellers distribute our solutions to libraries around the world.

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Consortia and Regional Networks

To help libraries efficiently and affordably acquire the ebooks their users’ need, we continue to partner with consortia and regional networks. We have also pioneered Patron Driven Acquisition programs specifically for state and public libraries.

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Technology and Discovery Partners

Teamwork is key to supporting the entire ebook workflow, so we continue to integrate and enhance our solutions with both ProQuest and third-party technologies including course management software like Moodle and Blackboard.

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Support & Training

ProQuest provides unique support and training resources to help you get the most from your ProQuest products and services.

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Case Studies & Whitepapers

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