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Online collection of early printed works
Comprehensive collection of early modern scholarship
Exploration of life and culture in the early modern period

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Early English Books Online (EEBO) is the definitive online collection of early printed works in English, and works printed in England, making digital copies of over 125,000 titles from before 1700 discoverable through an interface tailored for early modern scholars.

No other resource for early modern scholarship is as comprehensive as Early English Books Online. Users can explore complete, digitized images of all the works listed in these key bibliographic records of English literature: The Short-Title Catalogue (Pollard & Redgrave, 1475-1640); The Short-Title Catalogue II (Wing, 1641-1700); The Thomson Tracts; and the Early English Books Tract Supplements, as well as original almanacs, pamphlets, musical scores, prayer books and other intriguing primary sources.

To accompany the page images, the Text Creation Partnership has created accurate transcriptions of many thousands of the works, helping researchers of all levels to discover more from within the EEBO corpus.

  • Content Type: Books, Pamphlets & Ephemeral Works
  • MARC Records: Yes
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Delivers a strong collection to your library

EEBO is one of the most successful research collections ProQuest has ever produced and is used by scholars and students in more than 1000 institutions worldwide.

Saves researchers’ time and money

EEBO’s breadth of content and efficient search capability reduces the need for extensive research trips and time spent trawling through library facsimile copies.

Helps researchers at all levels discover more

Full-text transcriptions and specialist search fields such as variant forms and variant spelling make EEBO equally valuable to undergraduates writing papers on witchcraft or faculty tracing usage of a word over three centuries.

Supports multiple departments

Covering 37 key research subjects, the collection offers cross-disciplinary support to many programs including literature, languages, music, religion, travel, and exploration.

Provides inspiration for teaching

Inspired teaching leads to better learning outcomes. EEBO’s non-canonical works and primary sources are ideal for encouraging students’ independence of thought, developing their critical acumen and teaching them how challenge established scholarly notions about texts and genres.

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