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Focused research tool for a multidisciplinary topic
Discover more relevant papers and grey literature
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Provides extensive coverage of the literature in environmental science, ecology, sustainability, pollution, water management, and other areas within this multidisciplinary field.

Offers full-text access with comprehensive discovery through extensive abstracts and indexes structured using controlled vocabulary managed by expert editorial staff. Features advanced tools for postgraduate researchers, along with innovative features such as Illustrata™ deep indexing of tables and figures.

By simplifying the interface, including full text, and combining very niche databases into broader subject groups so they can be searched collectively, the database has been made accessible and unintimidating to less experienced users. All researchers will value the confidence of searching within a specialized academic database tailored to their area of study.

  • Content Type: Scholarly Journals, Trade Journals, Reports, Books, Conference Papers and Proceedings, Government & Official Publications, Dissertations and Theses, Magazines, Newspapers, Other Sources, Reports, Tables, Wire Feeds, Working Papers, Video and Audio

Full-Text Access + Comprehensive Discovery

Precision and comprehensive discovery with extensive full-text access across a vast range of theoretical and applied literature from peer-reviewed to trade publications.

Reliable Literature Reviews

Literature reviews are more reliable when you combine the power of extensive bibliographic records and ProQuest’s technological innovations in literature retrieval.


Illustrata™ deep indexing of tables and figures in journal articles makes these objects searchable. Researchers can go straight to graphical data within papers to discover relevant research more quickly.

Discover Gray Literature

Working papers, conference papers and proceedings, and theses reveal more current information than that in peer-reviewed papers. Reports, magazines, and trade journals add a practical dimension to research.

Appeals to Undergrad Users, Too

Undergraduates will have no problem with ProQuest’s award-winning interface. Users can restrict results to full text and/or peer-reviewed papers.

Return on Investment

High usage + precision: the coverage and precision needed for advanced literature reviews plus a simple search experience and full text for beginners

Environmental Impact Statements & Digests

Over 14,000 real world EIS reports that detail potential environmental effects of U.S. federal projects. Digests include a clear description of the project, and positive impact and negative consequences. Over 3,000 EIS are available in full text.

Support & Training

ProQuest offers best-in-class customer service, technical support, and training so you can hit the ground running with your ProQuest products and leverage everything they can do.

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