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Seamless collaboration
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Easy-to-use and integrated with most research sites, ProQuest Flow™ is a next generation cloud-based research management and collaboration solution that helps researchers better manage citations and full-text documents and gain control over the research workflow. With Flow, the library benefits from real-time analytics providing critical insight into the most used, saved and cited collections to help guide research efforts, inform future content purchases and better serve their library patrons.

Flow Video November 11, 2014

Simplify the Research Workflow

Flow is now integrated with ProQuest Information Solutions, Summon Discovery Service, 360 Link and other commonly used tools like Google Docs, MS Word, and Dropbox, ensuring researchers can accomplish all of their tasks within one comprehensive ecosystem.

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New Flow Add-on for Google Docs

Collaborating on research and authoring has never been easier! Introducing the new Flow Add-on for Google Docs. Effortlessly add citations from a Flow collection within a collaborative Google Doc and generate a bibliography page with ease.

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Summon + Flow = A Seamless Research Solution

ProQuest is transforming end-to-end researcher workflows by integrating Flow with the Summon® discovery service, creating an intuitive, modern, compelling user experience and increasing knowledge-sharing and collaboration among researchers.

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All the best of Flow™

Making Flow™ available to your researchers is the best you can do to supercharge your organization's research workflow. Flow's intuitive, yet powerful features not only accommodate all levels of users, but also mean less pressure to provide support.

Monitor trends and usage

Flow™ provides your organization with detailed insights – not just what content was downloaded – but what is actually used in forthcoming research work. Understanding exactly what research materials are most valuable can help improve the impact of the library.

A solution you can stand behind

Apart from the robust functionality and secure infrastructure of Flow™, the design means unfettered distribution of copyrighted materials is fully controlled. Flow is respectful of publisher copyright and therefore a research collaboration tool you can safely support.

Easy to manage, yet powerful to use

All levels of users can easily start using Flow without installing anything – a big help for your IT department and low to no administration for the library. Also, your users can create their own accounts, saving your valuable time.

Sensitive to copyright

Flow is respectful of publisher copyright by offering embedded full text controls that do not facilitate the distribution of full text to large groups and anonymous, public shares of full text.

Advanced usage & research analytics

Utilize insight for collection development; know what users are researching and what provides value to them. Libraries have now come to expect an easy way to demonstrate value, these analytics allows the library to improve their value to their patrons and the university.

Built to support all levels of researchers

With an institutional subscription, all users at your organization can get full access to the best research workflow tool – plus end user features they can't get otherwise, such as institution-wide shares, unlimited collaboration, additional storage space, and much more.

Flow Video

Find valuable training videos covering a broad range of topics on ProQuest Flow, from introductory tutorials to more advanced features. 

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