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Format: silver halide
Media: 256 reels of 35mm microfilm
Coverage Dates: 1916-1939

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An extremely important source for the study of British history and international relations, this 35mm microfilm program is the complete record of the deliberations of the British Cabinet covering the period from 1916, when a formal recording system was inaugurated, through September 1939. The program includes the Cabinets of Lloyd George, Bonar Law, Stanley Baldwin, Ramsey MacDonald and Neville Chamberlain. Cabinet records are divided into two classes. CAB 23 is the actual Minutes (or “Conclusions”) of the Cabinet meetings. These records are extremely detailed and contain the agenda, names of Cabinet officers present, lists and descriptions of documents presented for evaluation and discussion and the records of the meetings themselves. CAB 24 (or “Cabinet Papers”) is the memoranda or ancillary reports and documents presented at each Cabinet meeting. These documents are usually highly confidential in-depth data on that subject. The memoranda often contain correspondence and dispatches between British and foreign leaders and among representatives of the Crown throughout the world. Access to both classes of documents is provided by subject indexes, prepared by the Public Record Office and filmed as a part of the program and by a paperbound Bibliographical/Chronological Guide which explains the way in which the records are organized, numbered and cross-referenced and gives the PRO reference, the Cabinet Office numbers and the time period covered by the documents found on each reel of film.

The deliberations covered vital topics including: World War I, the Treaty of Versailles, women’s suffrage, Irish Home Rule, tariffs, the 1926 General Strike, war reparations, German re-armament, abdication of Edward VIII, and the gold standard. In addition to the prime ministers listed above, other cabinet members of the era included Winston Churchill, Lord Curzon, Jan Smuts, Austen Chamberlain, Arthur Balfour, Leo Amery, Anthony Eden, and Clement Attlee.

Includes printed bibliographical/chronological guide.

Available separately:

  • Cabinet Memoranda, 1916-1939
  • Cabinet Minutes, 1916-1939

  • Content Type: silver halide

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