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Media: Silver halide microfiche (app. 1000 per each section)
Coverage Dates: 1790-1930
Sources Covered: 7,000+ for the complete collection (about 500 per section)

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Only seven years after it was established, the German Union of University Women was forced to disband because it refused to adhere to Nazi ideals. During the seven years, however, chairwoman Agnes v. Zahn-Harnack was able to create a unique reference work: the Bibliography on the Question of Woman's Rights. It was supported by all the women's organizations in Germany at the time as well as the science organizations and the Prussian State Library in Berlin.

Printed in 1934, the bibliography was the first to offer a comprehensive overview of the literature on women's rights and the German women's liberation movement. To date, the importance of the work remains undiminished. Listing 7,000 titles on more than 700 pages, the bibliography supplies the only indispensable reference to 150 years of women's literature, from about 1790 to 1930.

The goal of the current edition is to present all the works listed in the original bibliography in a full-text microfiche edition, and to augment it with literature not considered when the original was created.

Works that exist as independent microfiche publications and works scheduled for publication will not be included in this edition, so it primarily will contain monographs and small literary pieces, many of which are now extremely rare and fragile. The complete collection contains twelve parts; each consists of about 500 titles and 70,000 pages (about 1,000 microfiche). Currently, parts 1-9 are available. Please inquire about standing order discounts.

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