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The Historical Newspapers: American Jewish Newspapers collection enables researchers to investigate Jewish immigration, genealogy, history and so much more.

Jewish immigration exploded in the early 20th century as two million Eastern European Jews fled their homeland into the United States in search of labor. As Jews helped transform American culture, so too, America transformed Jewish thought and reformed their religious practice. The Historical Newspapers: American Jewish Newspapers collection enables researchers to investigate the rise of Zionism and the formation of U.S. policies toward the state of Israel, complemented by Historical Newspaper titles, including The Guardian and the soon to be available Jerusalem Post. Public libraries with large Jewish populations would also have interest in these titles for local history and genealogical research.

The Historical Newspapers: American Jewish Newspapers is comprised of four historical U.S. Jewish newspapers.

The American Hebrew & Jewish Messenger (1857-1922)
The American Hebrew was a weekly Jewish newspaper published in New York City. In 1903 it merged with the Jewish Messenger. The paper covered many topics of Jewish interest internationally. Many prominent Jewish writers and communal workers in the United States have been contributors to its pages.

The Jewish Advocate (1905-1990)
The Jewish Advocate serves as a primary source of news and information as well as a forum for discussion and debate, providing lines of communication uniting the community and supporting the efforts aimed at reinvigorating and broadening Jewish religious and cultural life.

The American Israelite (1854-2000)
The American Israelite is the longest-running English-language Jewish newspaper still published in the United States. The newspaper's two goals were to spread the principles of Reform Judaism, and to keep American Jews in touch with Jewish affairs and their religious identity.

Jewish Exponent (1887-1990)
The Jewish Exponent has carried news of developments in Israel, efforts to rescue Jews the world over from repressive regimes, and the ever-expanding role of Jews in American public life. Along the way, it has garnered honors each year from the American Jewish Press Association for excellence in Jewish journalism for its news, features, reviews and commentary.

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