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Enabling Your Library to Provide Researchers with Critical Information

By providing thousands of leading global, national and local newspapers and hundreds of unique research collections on a broad range of subjects on microfilm, ProQuest enables your library to provide researchers with critical information.

Newspapers in Microform: With over 10 thousand newspapers in its microfilm vault, ProQuest continues to lead the industry in providing valuable newspaper content from around the world for library researchers as well as preservation minded libraries.

Digital Microfilm: By making over 100 U.S. and Canadian titles available online with Digital Archive News, ProQuest helps make Newspaper full page image content more widely accessible for library patrons without the resource demands for library storage space and upkeep of reader equipment. 

Research Collections in Microfilm: ProQuest’s vast archive of microform Research Collections continues to fuel scholarship in a broad array of subject matters in literature and the arts, humanities, history, social sciences and more.

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Yugoslavia: Peoples, States, and Society

A wide-ranging archive of primary research material.

Yugoslav Telephone Directories

A unique collection of demographic information.

Yugoslav Statistics, 1834-1919

Over 300 Publications for Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia.

Yugoslav Civil Wars, 1991-1999

Printed material, transcripts, and ephemera from the British Library Collection.

XVIIe-XIXe Siècles Histoire des Sciences

This is a series of historically important texts in the domain of the exact and natural sciences, as well as in the history of science itself, with most works coming from France and dating from the second third of the 17th century to the end of the 19th century.

Working Papers in Economics

Timely Research Findings in Economics, Econometrics, and Finance.

Women's Rights, 1814-1912

A Century of Women's Rights Pamphlets

Wisconsin Progressives: The Papers of Richard T. Ely, Edward A. Ross, Charles McCarthy, Charles R. Van Hise and John R. Commons

The Papers of Five Leading Members of the Progressive Movement.

William Lloyd Garrison Papers

This collection includes the Garrison family papers during the period before, during, and after the Civil War.

Western European Census Reports: 1960 Census Period

The census reports of the Western European nations contain a vast quantity of different types of demographic information. In the past, access to these reports has been hindered both by the difficulty of obtaining them and the necessity of knowing the language of publication.

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Newspapers in Microform

The industry’s broadest and deepest collection of microform newspapers from around the world is available to meet your library’s research and preservation needs.…

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Digital Microfilm

The Digital Microfilm™ offering is a new and exclusive ProQuest product that brings full-image newspaper archived content to your patrons the way they want it - digitally.…

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Yugoslavia: Peoples, States, and Society

A wide-ranging archive of primary research material.…

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Digital Freedom is Intellectual Freedom for Canadian Library

Western University’s Graduate Resource Center (GRC) in London, Ontario, became the first Canadian Library to host a Tor node.

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This spectacular geometric structure of four stacked glass boxes is Halifax’s new flagship library and since opening in 2014, it’s been causing a stir.

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